Classic ASP MVC for dynamic JavaScript pages

To view an article on how this code works go here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/706216/Classic-ASP-MVC-for-dynamic-JavaScript-pages
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This application is to create a complete code for Classic ASP MVC JavaScript application from data model.

Create a Diagram; populate it with Classes; define Attributes of Classes. Code generator will create the code with CRUD operations.

Diagram is just a container for classes. It keeps classes together and provides the code generation.

Class is a primary unit in this app. e.g. User, Company, Car, Country etc. The Classes will form tables of the database and classes of the model. This app will generate Controllers from the Classes you define. The Controllers with basic CRUD actions will form your MVC application.
The classes will have Attributes. There will be 2 attributes: id and [Class]Name I'm going to use in the code-generation templates even if you are not going to create them. "id" is needed to operate with instances of the class. "[class]Name" is used to build visual components (e.g. drop-downs)

Attributes belong to Class. E.g. User.FirstName, User.LastName, Company.CompanyName, etc.

Types describe attributes. E.g String, Integer, Boolean, Text, etc. I'm going to include several pre-defined types into the code-generation templates